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18th Edition Training > City & Guilds 2382-18

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City & Guilds 2382-18 - 18th Edition Training Courses

Reading RE03 (Berkshire)
25 February 2019 // 08:30

27 February 2019 // 17:00

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Course Description:

Trade Skills Ltd are now offering the latest 18th edition regulations course which will be superseding the 17thedition as of July 2018.

After 10 years of the 17th edition the IET has decided that it is now time to update its current regulations to the 18th edition. Trade Skills Ltd will be offering the course at over 30 locations throughout the UK.

A lot of our centres will be offering both City and Guilds and EAL so please clarify what certification you require at point of booking.

Who is the 18thedition training course aimed at and what is for?

The 18th edition training course is aimed at anybody working in and around the electrical industry. From the 31st December all electrical installations will have to comply to the new 18th edition standard (BS 7671:2018).

The obvious people who the course will be aimed at are qualified practising electricians however there are no pre requisites to attend the course so anybody with a need to understand the IET regulations including Surveyors, Designers,  Kitchen Fitters and many other trades.

If you have any questions with regards whether the course is suitable for you please don’t hesitate to call us on 08443307382 to discuss.

What is the duration of the 18th edition training course?

The 18thedition training course is usually ran over 3 days that would be 3 days training with the multiple choice exam commencing at the end of the 3rd day.

Is there an 18thedition update course for people who already hold the 17th edition?

No is the answer to this question, however some of our trainers are allowing recently qualified to 17th edition with amendment 3 (2015 onwards) to sit the latest exam with a one to two day training course which will cover all the latest updates.

Should you be interested in this please contact us to discuss options in your area.

Why do I need to take the 18th edition training course?

The latest 18th edition training course will be needed by any electrician and domestic installer who is part of a competent person scheme. The certificate will be the proof that the person in question is up to date and will need to be produce at his or hers annual inspection. You are not expected to have any knowledge before attending the 18th edition training course however  you will also run through the regulations as a whole. So even if you have previously taken the 17th edition you will be able to brush up on your knowledge previously learned.


What are the expected changes from 17th edition to 18th edition?

Although not set in stone the expected changes are as follows:

·         Protection against electric shock

·         extra information on arc fault detection and protection about fire

·         Possible selections and erection of electrical wiring systems

·         Isolation, switching and protection are expected to be updated

·         PLUS a brand new section covering all aspects of energy efficiency


The above changes are educated guesses and will be updated once things have been confirmed by the IET.

18th edition regulations book

As usual with all IET regulation training amendments and updates comes the release of the latest 18th edition regulations book.

We will update here once we know the ISBN number for the book, but for now we do know the book will be BLUE!

18th edition training course content

Once again the following content could be subject to slight change and will be updated once we know the full overview. There isn’t going to be a massive overhaul of the regulations as a lot of people may expect. The regulations as a whole have been compiled together over the last 130 years being adopted by the British standards institute back in 1992. With each update and amendment it usually means things being added or tweaked to move with our ever evolving industry.

A Full detailed course presentation working through every section of the regulations book and answering questions at the end of each section.

 Sections are as follows:

    - Definitions
    - Assessment of the general characteristics
    - Protection
    - How to select and erect equipment
    - Inspection and testing
    - Special installations and special locations
    - Appendices


How  will the 18th edition training course be ran?

As previously mentioned the 18th edition training course is usually ran over 3 days, this can be either consecutively or one day a week at some of our venues (please see scheduled dates on website or ask at time of booking). The course isn’t about learning every regulation in the book, which would be a near impossible task. But to understand how to read the regulations book to find the answer needed. You will be allowed to take the regulations book in to your examination with you with the ability to successfully navigate your way around the book confidently and in the time given.


We are taking reservations and bookings already for the launch in July, ‘although very unlikely’ the release date is governed by IET themselves and should they put the date back then obviously we will have too also.

Please bear this in mind when organising staff time out of work etc. as we can’t be held responsible for this.


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