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5 Further Career Opportunities for Domestic Energy Assessors

After undergoing your Green Deal training in order to become a Domestic Energy Assessor, or DEA, energy assessment isn't the only industry in which you're available to progress. Once qualified, you'll find plenty of opportunities within other professions that require your newly acquired expertise.  From settling legal battles to pricing archaic houses, here are five potential career possibilities for those who successfully complete their training:


DEAs are often key figures that solicitors and lawyers consult in the event that their clients encounter legal difficulties regarding the energy efficiency of their buildings. For example, if a client was accused of breaking the law by refusing to update their building, a DEA's report of the building in question can confirm whether the client had reason to ignore the order or not. A statement from an official DEA adds further evidence to legal disputes, acting either to support or oppose a case and proving beneficial in a variety of circumstances.

Estate agents

Those in the property market take an active interest in officials who are able to inform them about the energy efficiency of their lettings. This is due to the popularity of eco-friendly and sustainable homes, where a property being listed with an A or B rated energy performance certificate will act as a major selling point and can often advertised at a higher price than normal, adding an average of £16,000 to a house's value. 


When checking out a potential plot for a building or organising further extensions, a surveyor will definitely benefit from the opinion of a DEA. This is because DEAs can authoritatively advise on the pros and cons of constructing a new complex or planning additional renovations in relation to their energy efficiency, informing them on potential complications but also approving their plans if necessary and making subsequent recommendations using their knowledge of relevant legislation to ensure the surveyor's plans aren't interrupted by a court case.  


Similar to the benefits for estate agents, a DEA's professional opinion is extremely valuable to a valuer, where in today's economic climate more and more environmentally friendly homes are coveted for their sustainability. This can also be an interesting option for anyone interested in history, as they may be valuers involved in pricing various archaic houses and homes from previous eras who would consult DEAS to determine whether they can be made into modern and sustainable buildings.


Once you've learnt the basics of what it takes to be a successful DEA, with an impressive track record you could also provide your services for teachers, providing them with practical hands-on knowledge you've picked up from being a DEA to enrich their syllabus.

Through networking and making connections with the above professions, this proves how DEAs are placed in an elevated position in this current economic climate, with their training providing them with several sustainable career options once they've gained their official qualification. So if you think you've got what it takes and want to make a difference to your CV, enrol on one of our Green Deal courses today!

posted on: 14 Nov 2013

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