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Tips for improving your home’s Energy...

Posted on: 28 Nov 2013

An energy performance certificate, also known as an EPC, is a key document for any home in the UK which must be provided when a property is built, bought or offered for rental. If you're planning on selling then an EPC will have a major impact on the retail value of your home, so it's important to make sure your home is as eco-friendly as possible before the energy assessor comes to your home and evaluates your home in accordance to the legal guidelines that they use throughout their Green...

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FAQs: Energy Performance Certificates

Added: 15:00 | 21 Nov 2013

This handy FAQ covers everything potential buyers need to know about the Energy Performance Certificates, also known as EPCs, and why they're so important. When...

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5 Further Career Opportunities for Domestic Energy Assessors

Added: 14:49 | 14 Nov 2013

After undergoing your Green Deal training in order to become a Domestic Energy Assessor, or DEA, energy assessment isn't the only industry in which you're...

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Could you be a Domestic Energy Assessor?

Added: 14:31 | 07 Nov 2013

As a training provider renowned for its Green Deal courses, Trade Skills welcomes applicants from all over the country throughout the year on training schemes so that...

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How 17th Edition Training Can Benefit Your Career

Added: 10:59 | 30 Oct 2013

17 th edition courses were formally introduced to guarantee that low voltage installations were up to the national standards of the UK. The course itself covers a...

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Aspired, Determined Yet Still Unqualified

Added: 09:19 | 16 Oct 2013

Being inspired to pursue your dream career is a fantastic starting point, as is determination to keep you motivated along the way but without qualifications you're...

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Keeping Your 17th Edition Qualification Up To Date

Added: 17:53 | 05 Oct 2013

If you're looking to update your previous 16 th edition training course qualification, then the 2382-20 update 17 th edition course is for you. This specific...

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Join The Green Deal Team

Added: 17:45 | 25 Sep 2013

You may be wondering how you can become one of the many green deal assessors who are currently changing the lives of thousands in the UK with their knowledge and...

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Finding the Right PASMA Courses

Added: 23:57 | 17 Nov 2012

When looking for pasma courses it’s important to check the content of the course. You will need to ensure you are awarded with a recognised PASMA...

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The Purpose and Content of a PASMA Course

Added: 23:52 | 17 Nov 2012

When you pass a pasma course you will be considered to be a competent user of mobile access towers. This is a must if you are working with the towers, or if you...

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Gas Safe Registration is a Must

Added: 23:14 | 08 Aug 2012

A recent court case involving illegal gas works has highlighted the need for complete gas training  and the correct registration. A man in Staffordshire was...

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Solar Energy Opportunities Increase

Added: 23:33 | 15 Jun 2012

As more and more people face financial hardships, more homes are looking at saving money on their energy bills. The government are pushing energy efficient...

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